Reward Your Employee Today!

Reward your employees with ILG PA membership. In just three simple steps, register your PA for our exclusive employee assistance programme. Enhance their work experience with ILG PA today.

£20 per employee, per year

Register as an employer

Select how many employees you have and sign up as an employer. Don’t worry you can add more employees later if you recruit again.

Employee Sign Up

Once registered, a code will be sent to you by email. Share the code with your employees and encourage them to register.

Happy Employee

As soon as employees have completed their registration they will be able to access the 24/7 wellbeing support immediately.

What’s Included In ILG PA?

  • Personal Assistant ID badge
  • ILG PA Lanyard
  • Counselling service 
  • Legal advice line
  • Health & wellbeing advice and support
  • Access to personal financial and debt information & support
  • MyMindPal app (an interactive mental fitness tool)
  • Rewards & discounts platform
  • Verification of an employed PAs work to allow them to apply for Blue Light Card

The Benefits Of ILG PA

Employee Benefits

Enhanced Wellbeing

The employee assistance programme provides access to professional counseling and support services, promoting their mental and emotional wellbeing.


The ID badge provides an opportunity for PAs to highlight their valuable role as a worker in the health and social care sector. 

Employee Satisfaction

Offering membership with valuable benefits which aid your worker’s financial and mental wellbeing, helps to make an employment package beyond basic earnings. It demonstrates an employer’s investment in their employees’ welfare, leading to increased job satisfaction and loyalty.

Peace of Mind

PAs can rely on the employee assistance programme as a resource for personal and work-related challenges, providing them with a supportive safety net.

Improved Service Quality

PAs who feel supported, recognised and valued in their role are more likely to deliver their services with confidence and excellence, ultimately enhancing the quality of support provided. 

Employer Benefits

Enhanced Employee Engagement

Providing a comprehensive membership demonstrates the employer’s commitment to the wellbeing and professional growth of their employees, fostering a sense of engagement and dedication among the workforce.

Reduced Employee Turnover

By investing in the support and development of employees through the membership, employers can improve job satisfaction and reduce turnover rates, leading to cost savings associated with recruitment and training.

Improved Service Quality

PAs who feel supported, recogised and valued in their role are more likely to deliver their service with confidence and excellence, ultimately enhancing the quality of support provided. 

Quicker Recruitment

It has become an expectation for employers to offer more than base earnings as employees value additional benefits to boost the employment package. Competing with commercial employers has been difficult for individual employers however ILG PA offers an inepensive and valueble benefit to boost your offer. By providing  professional resources and credentials you’ll gain a positive reputation that could all help to reduce recruitment time.

Increased Efficiency and reduced non-attendance

The Employee Assistant Program, with its counseling services and support, can assist employees in managing personal challenges, potentially reducing absenteeism and improving overall productivity within the workforce.

Working With Industry Experts

We recognise the importance of supporting the wellbeing of Personal Assistants. That’s why we have partnered with esteemed industry experts such as BHSF, Irwin Mitchell and Auriga to offer a comprehensive Employee Assistance Programme specifically designed for your employees. By joining ILG PA, you can provide your employees with access to a wide range of valuable resources and support services.

Employee Membership Management

With ILG PA, employers who have registered their worker’s have complete control over the membership. You can easily manage the number of employees you have through your dedicated employer dashboard.