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Join ILG PA, the membership platform exclusively for Personal Care Assistants. Access support, wellbeing advice, training, guidance and rewards. Whether employed, self-employed, or a micro enterprise, ILG PA empowers your career and fosters your success.

Individual Employer?

Elevate your caregiving team. Sign up employees to ILG PA for professional wellbeing support and resources. Empower their success today.

Employed Personal Care Assistant

Access essential wellbeing tools, 24/7 advice helplines & rewards through your very own employee assistance program. Also included is a recognised Personal Care Assistant ID badge. 

Self Employed Micro Provider

This membership includes tailored guidance, template documents and training. Also included are discounts to important business tools such as insurance and enhanced DBS checks. 

About ILG PA

ILG PA is a leading platform committed to supporting personal care assistants and transforming the care industry. As part of Independent Living Group (ILG), we provide comprehensive resources, recognition, and benefits to Employed Personal Care Assistants. Join us to unleash your potential, access wellbeing resources, and make a positive impact in the lives of others. Together, let’s elevate the caregiving profession and create a better future.

Are You An Individual Employer?

ILG PA proudly offers an exclusive opportunity for individual employers receiving a Direct Payment and/or Personal Health Budget. These employers can provide their employees with access to the “Employed Personal Care Assistant” membership. Considered as an employee benefit, this membership includes a care specific Employee Assistance Program (EAP), a Personal Care Assistant ID badge (with badge holder and lanyard), and a rewards & discounts platform. By offering this membership, employers can enhance their employees’ wellbeing, professionalism, and sense of belonging within the caregiving community. ILG PA is dedicated to supporting both employers and their valued employees in delivering exceptional care. 

Self Employed Micro Provider

We support micro providers giving them the tools, information, and advice that they need to set up their own business and to provide care and support to the highest standards.

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