Support For Carers, Micro-Providers & Self Employed PA’s

ILG-PA is here to support self employed PA’s, carers, and micro providers. Our aim is to create a one stop shop where you can find advice, guidance, training and documents to start your business.

The ILG specialises in the social care & health sectors and this is our newest project which aims to support you inform you and make things easier and better for all in the future.


Protect yourself and your business with our dedicated insurance for PA’s and Micro-Providers.

Professional Association

Join the UKs fastest growing professional accociation of Carers & Support Workers. Provided by NACAS

Support & Documentation

Access essential documentation including Contracts, Invoicing Templates, Risk Assessments & much more.

Membership Options

What option is best for me?

Some of our members already have insurance for their business (self employed personal carer liability cover) and so will only need the membership option.

Most of our members select the membership plus insurance option as the insurance offered is great value for money. This insurance policy is designed for self employed carers, live in carers and micro providers.

The last option is for micro businesses who employ their own care staff and includes additional insurance for employers liability and much more.


£9.95 per month

Includes NACAS membership, Documentation, Guides, eLearning & Community Support.

Membership + Insurance 

£15.95 per month

Includes NACAS membership, Documentation, Guides, eLearning & Community Support + Insurance.

Membership + Employer Liability Insurance

From £24.95 per month

Specialist membership and insurance for Micro-Providers who have grown and taken on employees to help provide support. 


What do I need to do to set up as a self employed PA ?

Becoming a self employed PA can be daunting. Unlike being employed a self employed person must ensure that they have their own insurance, set up their own tax and have the correct documentation and contracts for their client base. The ILG-PA has all the tools you will need to successfully set your business up as well as an ask the expert service and online community. 


What is a micro-provider ?

A micro-provider is an individual who provides care to a number of clients. The term Micro-provider is fairly new and the term itself denotes a professionalism which is at the heart of the concept. Micro-providers often work within a small community or catchment and build up their clientele on a self employed basis.


Can being a personal assistant be a career?

Yes. Being a personal assistant can be a very rewarding career choice. There are plenty of opportunities to learn take courses and develop yourself further. We support many PA’s who have started their own agencies as they have been successful and grown.


What is ILG-PA ?

ILG-PA is a new membership service which focuses on the Personal Assistant, Carer and Micro-provider’s. More and more PA’s are thinking of becoming self-employed and if you are one of those ILG-PA has all the tools, info and guidance you will need to ensure you are safe and legal.

We have teamed up with NACAS the professional association for care and support workers to bring you even more support, guidance, and useful tools. NACAS membership is included within the ILG-PA cost. 

The membership also comes with an option to get insurance for a discounted rate so that you are fully covered when you start your new career as a micro-provider, self employed PA or live in carer.


What is the ILG ?

The ILG independent living group is a company set up to support employers, pa’s and organisations in the social & healthcare sector. The ILG aims to share best practice raise awareness and support all of those in the care sector. Bringing together experts and communities in order to make things better in the future.

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