Employee Assistance Programme

For employed personal assistants of individual employers

ILG PA is an employee assistance programme and membership platform. We’ve designed the membership exclusively for employed personal assistants of individual employers; those who receive direct payments or a personal health budget to provide for support needs. 

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Employed Personal Assistant

Don’t worry if your employer doesn’t have access to funding for your ILG PA membership. We are committed to supporting excellence in the sector and so offer you the chance to arrange the membership yourself.

About ILG PA 

ILG PA is a unique membership scheme designed for the benefit of Personal Assistants (PAs) who do not work for commercial employers but provide a valuable service to the health and social care sector in the UK. We at Independent Living Group are committed to supporting the success of independent living for all, and have identified that less benefits are available for PAs of individual carers as compared to commercial enterprises; often due to a lack of funds and certainly, less opportunity.  ILG PA has been designed to provide comprehensive resources, recognition, and benefits to Personal Assistants at a considerably reduced cost than other employee assistance programmes.  

We have also partnered with Blue Light Card, who have previously been unable to verify the work of Personal Assistants. Now, you can be sure that work as a PA for an individual is recognised, respected and supported alongside other workers in the emergency services and social care sector. We are proud to say that being a member of ILG PA qualifies employed PAs, through our employment verification process, to apply for Blue Light Card.

Are You An Individual Employer?

ILG PA proudly offers an exclusive opportunity for individual employers who fund support with  a Direct Payment,  Personal Health Budget or own resources. Individual employers can provide employees with access to the ILG PA employee assistance programme (EAP), a Personal Assistant ID badge, plus a rewards and discounts platform. By offering this membership, employers support worker’s wellbeing, professionalism, and sense of belonging within the health and social care community. 

Independent Living Group have agreements with funding bodies across the UK to ensure that individual employers are able to use their budget to provide this valuable benefit to their PAs. ILG PA is an incredibly low £20 per employee, per year! If you are unsure if you have the freedom to do, speak to your funding body today.