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Employer Questions

What is ILG PA's "Employed Personal Care Assistant" membership?

ILG PA’s “Employed Personal Care Assistant” membership is a specialised membership designed for individuals working as employed Personal Care Assistants (PCAs). It offers a range of benefits and resources tailored to support their role and enhance their professional development.

Can I, as an employer, pay for my employees' ILG PA membership?

Absolutely! If you are an employer who receives a Direct Payment, Personal Health Budget or Self Funds, you can consider covering the cost of ILG PA membership for your employees as part of their employment benefits.

How can my employees benefit from ILG PA membership?

ILG PA membership provides valuable support and resources for Personal Care Assistants (PCAs). Benefits include a Personal Care Assistant ID badge, a 24/7 counselling and advice line, health and well-being support, access to personal financial and debt information helpline, MyMindPal—an online interactive mental fitness tool, and an exclusive rewards and discounts platform.

How do I sign up my employees for ILG PA membership?

It’s simple! As an employer, you can apply to set up your employees on ILG PA through your employer account. This allows you to manage the number of employees signed up and facilitate their access to the membership benefits through dedicated coupon codes.

How can I manage the number of employees I pay for?

It’s simple! As an employer, you get acces an an employer account. This allows you to manage the number of employees signed up, you can also email us at with any changes that are needed.

Can I cancel my employees membership anytime?

Yes, employers have the freedom to cancel their employee’s membership at any time. Whether you need to adjust the number of employees or discontinue the membership altogether, you have the flexibility to do so without any cancellation fees or penalties.

Employee Benefits

Personal Care Assistant ID Badge

Display your credentials proudly with a personalised ID badge, showcasing your professionalism and affiliation with ILG PA.

Branded ILG PA Lanyard and Badge Holder

Complete your professional image with our branded lanyard and badge holder, making a statement in your role.

24/7 Counselling & Advice Line

We understand the importance of wellbeing. Our round-the-clock counseling helpline is here to provide support and guidance when you need it most.

24/7 Health & Wellbeing Advice and Support

Take charge of your physical and mental health with access to 24/7 health and well-being advice and support services.

24/7 Telephone Access to Personal Financial and Debt Information & Support

Gain peace of mind with our dedicated support line, providing guidance on personal financial matters and debt management.

MyMindPal App

Prioritise your mental fitness with our online interactive tool, MyMindPal. Engage in activities and resources designed to enhance your wellbeing and resilience.

Exclusive Rewards & Discounts Platform

Enjoy the perks of being an ILG PA member with access to our exclusive rewards and discounts platform. From retail savings to special deals, your hard work is recognised and rewarded.