Questions To Consider

Before you set out on this enterprise journey. You need to think carefully about whether it is the right option for you. Starting your own business can be hugely rewarding but also very challenging. Below are some key questions to ask yourself.

QuestionsThings To Think About
Why do you want to set up and run this enterprise?Self-employment can be tough and you need grit, determination and passion to succeed.
Do you offer something that is different?
Specialist? Why would people choose
your service over what is already out
You should have a clear idea about the service or support you wish to provide. To help you might want to think about the work that you have enjoyed most or what do people say you are best at? Have you any hobbies, interests, skills or talents that you can share? What change or difference do you want to make in your community? What is missing currently where you live?
How do you know that people will want
to use the service that you plan to offer?
Who are your customers? How do you know there is a need and more importantly a paying demand for your service where you live? Are there enough people who self-fund, or have a direct payment to make it sustainable? Is there any evidence for this?
There is no guarantee of work in self-
employment. Is that ok? Have you a plan
if there is too much or too little work?
What would happen if you had 3 months without any work? Do you need a steady income or are you happy with irregular work? How are you going to organise your time to make it work for you and the people you support?
Have you the skills and experience to
make it happen in practice?
You will not only be providing the service but you will be responsible for marketing and promoting your service, managing the finance and building policies to protect yourself and the people you support. Have you the experience, organisation and support networks to put all this in place?
What support or referral networks do
you currently have?
Isolation is the biggest risk to any community enterprise. Have you family and friends who are self-employed? Is there anyone who is good at the areas you are not? Do you know other community entrepreneurs? Are you known in your community?