Somerset County Council - Micro Provider Start Up Course


This course is a practical toolkit for new, developing and existing community micro-providers in Somerset. It was created to help you think about the practical and legal considerations for setting up a service alongside some, tips and templates for you to develop a service portfolio that aligns with the requirements of the Community Micro-enterprise Programme ‘Doing it Right’ Quality Standards.

Hopefully at this point you have attended a start up surgery. If you are yet to do so please book a space as attendance is a requirement to join the local networks and directories and will also help you get the best use of this guide…

We have written this course with the assumption that you are intending to deliver a service that includes the activity of ‘Personal Care’. In Somerset we have different expectations for providers offering personal care services to non-personal care services. Personal care is defined by The Care Quality Commission (CQC) as the physical assistance given to a person in connection with: Eating or drinking, toileting, washing or bathing, dressing, oral Care, care of skin, hair and nails.

Personal Care also includes the prompting and supervise on of a person to do any of the activities listed above, where that person is unable to make a decision for themselves in relation to performing such an activity without prompting or supervision.

How to use this course

We recommend you work through this course in the order it is set out. Somerset County Council recognises that community micro-providers need policies, procedures and systems to underpin the work that they do. We know that for small ventures writing these documents can be time consuming and challenging. To try and help we have:

1. Compiled a list of the documents that might be needed and organised them in logical categories

2. Trawled the internet to find template guidance and procedures providers might be able to adapt

We can’t guarantee that the documents included in this guide are up to date or relevant to every enterprise – checking, adapting and using them is something you need to take responsibility for. If you need any help or are unsure, please contact the enterprise development team on

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