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Why Join ILG PA

Comprehensive Support

ILG PA offers comprehensive support for personal care assistants, whether employed or self-employed. Members gain access to valuable resources, including a care-specific EAP, ID badge, counseling helplines, and a rewards platform, ensuring they have the support they need for their overall wellbeing.

Professional Recognition

ILG PA provides professional recognition through its membership options. Personal care assistants can proudly display their ID badge, showcasing their commitment to professionalism and instilling trust among clients and employers.

Enhanced Wellbeing

ILG PA prioritises the wellbeing of its members, offering a range of services such as 24/7 counseling and advice helplines, mental fitness tools like MyMindPal, and access to exclusive rewards. Members can take proactive steps to improve their mental, emotional, and financial health.

Training and Guidance

ILG PA offers valuable training and guidance for personal care assistants, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles. This includes eLearning courses, support with self-employment, and access to relevant documentation for self-employed micro providers.

Individual Employer Benefits

ILG PA provides benefits for employers as well. By signing up their employees, employers can demonstrate their commitment to employee welfare. It offers an opportunity to create a positive work environment and support the personal and professional growth of their caregivers.

Exclusive Discounts

ILG PA members can enjoy exclusive rewards and discounts through the membership, providing additional value and savings on various products and services.

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